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We make furniture people want and we make it from recycled materials. This way we're keeping wood out of the landfill and giving it new life on your deck or patio in a beautiful way. 

Besides trees, we also love pallets and beetle kill lumber. The recycled wood can be machined, laminated, sanded or steamed into new creations far beyond it's humble origins.


BENCH's mission is to unlock the beauty from mundane objects overlooked by most people, to make something new, pragmatic and beautiful. 

Our urban canopy is hurt by storms, drought and even beetles. BENCH is committed to re-using, recycling and up-cycling materials bound for landfills around Denver. Making unique new furniture is an exciting proposition and one we love.


A lifetime woodworker, Chris loves furniture and all the decorative arts. Classical and modern design are the foundation of everything we build. Impeccable joinery is combined with that design sense to make real furniture ready for the outdoor Colorado lifestyle.

Christopher Paul


Nothing beats being in the shop for Raymond. Except maybe being in the shop at the end of a long day of ripping, milling and shaping bench parts and hoisting some delicious craft beer.



Percy is quite serious about comfort and the quality and versatility of our products. Shown at left, a cat bench in matching height to window sill made of construction debris. Old blanket not included. Available Summer 2019 




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